"All in one"BESS cabinet

· AC side parallel connection
· Single cluster controlto avoid circulation
· Local side third generation impedance tracking soC algorithm
· "All in One” design

Safe, adaptable power for your business.
Modular design of the product, flexible expansion, and can be arranged back to back or left to right in parallel cabinets
Multidimensional electrical integration, multi-level fuse protection
Battery compartment protection IP66, equipment chamber IP54
PACK level precision fire control, linked with BMS and EMS protection
Intelligent battery management system, increasing capacity utilization by 5%
High energy density and integration, covering an area of 1.73㎡, and convenient transportation
Detailed parameters

Rated capacity
Rated voltage
Cell type
Voltage range
Pack configuration
Rated current
System configuration
Maximum continuous current
 160A, lasts for one minute
AC Parameters(Grid-connected)
Rated power
Permissible grid frequency fluctuations
Maximum output power
Power factor
Rated grid voltage
AC current harmonics(THDi)
 <3%(Rated output power)
Permissible grid voltage
Access method
 Three phase three wire/Three phase four wire
Rated grid frequency
Full power charge-discharge conversion
AC Parameters(Off-Grid)
Rated output voltage
AC voltage harmonics(THDu)
 <3%(L inear Load)
Rated output power
Overload capacity
 1.1 times long-term(45℃), 1.2 times 1min
Rated output frequency

System Parameters
Maximum frequency of converter
DC input
 Load switch+Fuse
System Efficiency
Overvoltage protection
Charging & discharging rate

General Parameters
IP grade
Inline method
 AC bottom inline
Cooling method
 Liquid cooling
Operating temperature
 -30℃~+60℃(>50℃ derating)
Fire fighting system
 Perfluoro/Aerosol optional
Permissible relative humidity
Communication interface
Maximum working altitude
 ≤2000m(>2000m derating)
Communication protocol

Detailed parameters

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