The difference between energy storage lithium battery and power lithium battery

Date:2023-09-19 14:55
What is the difference between energy storage lithium batteries and power lithium batteries? How to choose these two lithium-ion batteries based on practical applications? This article will provide a detailed comparison and explanation of the definitions, scope of use, management systems, and types of battery cells between the two, in order to help everyone better distinguish, choose, and use them.

1) Definition of energy storage lithium batteries and power lithium batteries

Energy storage lithium battery: It is a power source that uses lithium batteries as energy storage. It is a secondary lithium battery that uses carbon materials as the negative electrode, lithium containing compounds as the positive electrode, and a non-aqueous electrolyte solution. Common batteries include lithium iron phosphate.

Power lithium battery: Power lithium battery refers to a battery that provides power for transportation vehicles. Generally, compared to small batteries that provide energy for portable electronic devices, it is mainly used as a storage battery for providing power for electric vehicles, electric trains, electric bicycles, and golf carts.

2) The difference between the two

The definitions of power batteries and energy storage batteries are relatively broad, and in terms of application, which category do you refer to. Energy storage batteries generally have a low current and belong to the energy type. Power batteries generally need to be able to discharge at 3C. The discharge capacity, discharge curve, and platform can be compared through 3C discharge or 1.5C discharge. The price is expected to be 1.2 times higher for the same specification.

◆ Different internal resistance of the battery

The internal resistance of power batteries with the same capacity is smaller than that of energy storage batteries
The total amount of batteries varies
The weight of power batteries with the same capacity will be heavier than that of energy storage batteries (different design processes)

◆ Different prices
The price of power batteries will be more than 1.5 times that of energy storage (determined according to different customer requirements)

◆ Different usage ranges
Lithium ion batteries for energy storage are used in small current devices (usually within the discharge range of 0.5-1C), such as electric power storage stations, mobile communication power sources, new energy storage power sources, aerospace and military power sources, solar power generation equipment, and wind power generation equipment.